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  • Perfect for short term / seasonal cover or any time you have additional demand for staff.

  • Available on an hourly basis at affordable prices.

  • Candidates work for and are paid directly by Total Solutions.

  • Over 50,000 Candidates registered on our system, we combine this with full, paid advertising on over 30 platforms to find the perfect candidate for you.

  • The hourly rate quoted is exactly what you will pay, no hidden charges whatsoever.

  • We ensure workers are paid the exact same way as a direct employment, all PRSI, USC, Holiday and Bank Holidays are paid to workers and included in the hourly rate.

  • Employees can be off-hired from the next working day at no additional charge whatsoever.

  • We do not charge for breaks.

  • Really like a candidate we have sent to you? With Total Solutions you can transfer any employee we send you as a temp to work for you directly on a permanent basis for an affordable fee.

Get in touch with our experts to inquire about your staffing needs

Temporary Recruitment


Permanent Recruitment



In Total Solutions, we have a pool of vetted temp professionals ready to fill various roles.


We look after all aspects of payroll, PRSI, holidays, CWPS, and HR support. The final rate we quote you will be the final cost to you excluding VAT.

Whether you're tackling a project, need cover for maternity or sick leave, or just extra help during busy times, call us at + 353 (0) 1 628 3610 to discuss your needs. We're here to simplify your staffing.

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At the heart of our recruitment philosophy lies the critical concept of cultural alignment. To ensure this harmony, we assign the right recruitment consultant to every client to better understand their vacancy needs.

Our team goes above and beyond to understand the specific requirements of every role, whether it's temporary, contract, or permanent. No assignment is treated as less important; each receives equal attention and priority. This vital information is disseminated within our team, ensuring that everyone involved understands our client's expectations precisely.

Prior to presenting candidates to our clients, each candidate undergoes a rigorous double screening process. This comprehensive approach is designed to maintain the highest levels of quality.

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We are fully compliant with Temporary Agency Workers Act (TAWA) & other employment legislation.

  • Our dedicated team ensures compliance for each individual, maintaining a high standard.

  • With financial resources, we are well-equipped to support extensive Temp & Contractor projects.

  • We provide a Payroll Service with a proven track record, providing you with a seamless solution.

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For further information on hiring temporary staff please contact us on   + 353 (0) 1 628 3610 or email

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