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  • Need somebody to work for you directly on a permanent basis? This is the solution for you. 

  • No upfront or hidden charges, if we cannot find you the perfect candidate there are no charges whatsoever. 

  • Over 50,000 Candidates registered on our system, we combine this with full, paid advertising on over 30 platforms along with Headhunting to find the perfect candidate for you. 

  • Saves you advertising costs, admin and the long hours spent filtering through and speaking with potential candidates as well as arranging interviews, we take care of everything

  • All positions and industries catered for, from Junior positions all the way up to Executive level and everything in between, we are confident we can find you the ideal candidate. 

  • We arrange all interviews at a time and location that suits you. 

  • If you hire a permanent employee through Total Solutions you are covered with a full 12 week guarantee to ensure they are a perfect fit for your company, if not we are responsible for all costs associated with finding you a suitable replacement, no questions asked. 

  • This service is available for a pre-agreed, once-off fee which will only be charged once the employee has started working with you. 

Get in touch with our experts to inquire about your staffing needs

Temporary Recruitment


Permanent Recruitment



At Total Solutions, we prioritise pre-screening for permanent staff.


We don't just assess qualifications; we focus on values, cultural alignment, and long-term commitment to your organisation.


This thorough process ensures we connect you with professionals who truly match your needs and vision.

Pre screened talent at Total Solutions


Choosing the right person for a role is an art and science combined.


At Total Solutions, we meticulously analyse qualifications, experience, and expertise, but we go further. We evaluate personalities, motivations, and how well an individual aligns with your team and organisational culture. It's about finding the perfect blend of skills and fit to ensure a lasting, productive relationship.


When we present a candidate, you can be confident they not only have the competence for the role but also the mindset to contribute effectively to your company's growth.

Getting the right person at Total Solutions


Choose Total Solutions for your permanent staffing needs, and you'll benefit from our unwavering commitment to excellence.


We bring top-tier talent and a tailored approach to match your unique culture and long-term goals.


Our dedication to forging lasting partnerships ensures your team's success, backed by our unwavering commitment to your organisational growth.

Our Commitment at Total Solutions
Image by Scott Graham


For further information on hiring permanent staff please contact us on   + 353 087 102 6364 or email

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